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     Li-Tek biotechnology in 2007 by Li-Tek group fund-raising. By specialize in medical care, biochemical engineering, biotechnology and medical care, beauty skin care and cosmetics products modulation in areas such as medical doctor and Professor well-known established high-tech R & D team. Is a professional engaged in natural plant effective monomer and active ingredient applications such as product development, research, production and professional agent of international famous biotech products. Specialization development of natural skin care products and health products, with natural concept, new and high science and technology combined with the pursuit of the perfect idea to give our customers quality services to the advanced enterprises.
     In 2009, established in Taiwan experimental farm, the use of advanced international management mode of modern organic farm, covering an area of about 3000 square meters, at the same time also established biotech farms, covering an area of about 400000 square meters, the farm is a hilly areas and forestry land, has a unique natural environment, without any industrial pollution of.
     In 2012, Li-Tek biotech introduce the new extraction technology, expand production of manufacturing equipment, to the best quality service and high technology for customers to create the perfect brand.
     Li-Tek Biotechnology R & D, production and sales as one of professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing enterprises, under the vertical Turk group, plant a beautiful environment, the new plant in strict accordance with the GMPc standard requirements planning, workshop to one hundred thousand air purification standards. With a number of modern production lines, production process through strict inspection and testing process, to ensure that each product quality, meet the demands of the market.

Li-Tek production base has a strict quality control procedures and requirements, factory advanced equipment, integrated research and development capabilities, have a professional qualified personnel, reasonable prices and other factors make up Turk in cosmetics by OEM field has the absolute advantage. 

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