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  • Lifetrons MYB --- The creator of natural beauty Prettifying Cosmobeaute Malaysia
    Lifetrons MYB attended Cosmobeaute Malaysia and SPA 2016, the four days exhibition with splendid ending on 21 July. Regarding to during the exhibition, most of visitors came into the booth for purchasing our product so make we are one of the most popular
    Date:2016-08-12 17:01:51 Hits:1083 Views
  • Lifetrons MYB Medical Beauty Boutique in Shenzhen Airport
    Switzerland Boutique-Lifetrons MYB, entering the gorgeous Shenzhen Airport - Li Yue Gallery counters in mid of July. Lifetrons MYB provide best quality and taste of beauty care instruments, make Shenzhen Airport passengers can experience the beauty create
    Date:2016-08-12 16:12:01 Hits:1055 Views
  • The new medical nova-ITCS make its debut in Miami, USA
    The medical brand ITCS(Intelligent Take Care System),which is under Li-Tek Group, will participate in FIME 2016 Miami from 2016/8/2 ~8/4. ITCS’ new product -intelligent heart rate meter, dual antenna physiological parameters measurement watches, IR optica
    Date:2016-08-01 14:38:16 Hits:741 Views
  • The association of Li-Tek and LIFETRONS New transformation enter international
    Taiwan Li-Tek Group invested huge funds in Swiss brand LIFETRONS. The two strong enterprises carry out in-depth depth cooperation, strong and quickly entering the international beauty market. Let the whole world see the perfect brand which combines Taiwan
    Date:2016-07-04 15:27:11 Hits:723 Views
  • MYB the third time attend Shanghai Beauty Expo Create another beautiful peak sea
    MYB a medical and cosmetic brand who create magnificent and self-confidence for all women. Express a beauty skin energy in Shanghai Beauty Expo, build up the unique confidence and charm to all women. The 2016 Shanghai Beauty Expo, MYB gave hopes for all
    Date:2016-05-25 10:16:57 Hits:904 Views
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