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Lifetrons MYB Medical Beauty Boutique in Shenzhen Airport

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Switzerland Boutique-Lifetrons MYB, entering the gorgeous Shenzhen Airport - Li Yue Gallery counters in mid of July. Lifetrons MYB provide best quality and taste of beauty care instruments, make Shenzhen Airport passengers can experience the beauty created by technology.

Lifetrons is a well-known aviation brand who provide quality products for good taste worldwide travelers. Lifetrons MYB is a perfect fusion of Switzerland technology and design with Taiwan R & D capabilities to create a versatile and diverse beauty boutique instruments, so that consumers can completely feel the delicate of beauty.

Lifetrons MYB’s product are gather many resource and effort to become high-tech products as nowadays. The device not only efficiency to improve skin but also have a fashionable design because product exterior innovate, adjust and modify continuously through Swiss design team. Making this product become one of a best choice gift of airport.

Welcome passengers who arrive Shenzhen Airport to visit Li Yue Gallery -Lifetrons MYB counters, we sincerely invite you to experience the natural beauty by technology.

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